Shelter of Nostalgia Takes Adults Back in Time with Every Ascending Step

Just from looking at the photos of the Shelter of Nostalgia, you might be able to appreciate the delight of sitting inside this whimsical occupiable sculpture. Incorporated in an exhibit at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC), this project is one of few examples of art that allows people to use several senses by which to investigate.

Using a beautiful pale pine wood, Worapong Manupipatong exercised expert craftsmanship to make this installation into the dream backyard fort that every child desires. Visitors of all ages are invited to come into their youthful states of mind -- with however many years' worth of rewinding that might require -- to meditate upon the boundless imaginations they still possess. Composed of three pitched roof tree houses stacked one atop the other, the Shelter of Nostalgia draws you up to a lighter sense of existence.