These Mug Sweaters Insulate Your Drink and Feel Soft Against Your Hands

 - Feb 25, 2014
References: mymugsweater & likecool
The concept of the tea cozy is not new, yet a simple adaptation to it forms the Mug Sweater, which is a delightfully new sight. Made by Nawanowe, these are cute crocheted coffee cup sleeves that prove to be both practical and wonderful to behold.

The story behind their creation involves a favorite mug that was put out of commission due to a crack. Serving its second career as a pen holder, the drinking vessel was given a special little sweater to cover up its injury. This one hand-knitted garment inspired the crafting of more, complete with common knitwear patterns, pockets and even sleeves with little mittens poking out. The adorable Mug Sweaters seem to bring coffee cups to life. Meanwhile, they keep your hot tea warm and protect your palms from the ceramic's high temperatures.

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