Keeping Up Appearances by Ashley V. Blalock is a Web-Like Installation

 - Jan 26, 2014
References: ashleyvblalock & mymodernmet
The Keeping Up Appearances art installation appears to have been created by a rather artistic spider, one that has found a way to spin red-colored yarn from its butt. Of course, since that is impossible, it only stands that an immensely talented crochet artist was able to create such a masterpiece. That skilled crafter happens to be Ashley V. Blalock, an artist how splits her time between San Diego and San Bernardino, California.

An ongoing project, Keeping Up Appearances consumes the walls of an art gallery. Forming large and bold dollies, nothing like the ones belonging to grandmothers, the artworks might still be intricate, but they aren't delicate. Blalock reveals, "The doilies themselves represent a certain desire to keep up the appearance of gentility to the outside world expressed through the arrangement of objects in the domestic setting."