The RPD06 Pendant is an Avant-Garde Adaptation of the Antique Chandelier

 - Oct 14, 2013
References: neidhardtinc & furniturefashion
Old style candelabras and chandeliers often feature one or several rings around which candles or lightbulbs are arranged. The RPD06 pendant lamp appropriates this archetypal element, but this ultramodern model has been stripped of all frills and elaborate details.

The hoop-shaped metal fixtures suspend from the ceiling beneath barely visible cords; they look as though they're hovering. Exuding a futuristic aesthetic, the somewhat UFO-like reference is enhanced by the integration of neon-colored luminescent inner shades. You have the choice between that Tron-esque bright blue, fuchsia and fluorescent orange; the hue options have the power to alter the mood of the room, but they don't impact the quality of the bright white light sources.

The RPD06 pendant chandelier is striking on its own, but the effect of several clustered together is mesmerizing.