The Memory Collection by John Moncrieff Evoke Childhood Memories

 - Jun 17, 2013
References: johnmoncrieff & lostateminor
The Memory Balloon lights from John Moncrieff are vibrantly childlike and meant to evoke childhood memories in their users. Each balloon is a different color, from red to green to yellow. The balloons' colors are rainbow-esque and sure to brighten up even the dullest living space.

The Memory Balloons look almost uncannily like real balloons. They rest against the ceiling with a string hanging down, looking every bit the inflated balloon pressing against the ceiling as it tries to float away. Since they're available in so many bright colors, they can be mixed and matched to create a fluid interior design scheme. For instance, on the Moncrieff website, a designer used balloon lights within a color palette of pinks, purples and whites. This created a cute, feminine room that looked like a cohesive whole.

With the Memory Collection from John Moncrieff, home-owners nostalgic for their childhood can decorate their living spaces with some of the most fun and vibrant creations on the interior design market.