The Botero Collection by Masiero is Sophisticatedly Cartoonish

 - Jun 5, 2014
References: masierogroup & trendir
It is hard not to appreciate the Botero Collection by Masiero. It takes traditional silhouettes often associated with lighting fixtures and modernizes them in a sophisticatedly cartoonish way. Although that might sound contradictory, the balance struck between these two descriptors is applaud-worthy. The bulbous forms are made minimalist by way of little detail as well as a clean, white finish. This tempers the contemporary take nicely and neatly.

Comprised of a chandelier, table lamp and floor lamp, the Botero Collection by Masiero is perfect for both traditional and modern homes. Each piece is available in three colors: white, black and red. Although the white seems more suited to those who want to hold more onto the designs' classic qualities, the bolder black and red are for those who really want to make a statement.