From Flip Flop Vending Machines to House-Converted Billboards

 - Jul 31, 2014
The most popular July 2014 marketing trends showcase brands appealing to consumers through summer -- which is officially here -- and World Cup-related products and services.

The World Cup, being hosted in Brazil this year, has inspired a wide range of spin-off and tribute products capitalizing on its global hype. From food to fashion and even travel, brands big and small are taking advantage of the World Cup fever. Airline company Lucky Air's flight attendants will wear the Brazil jersey for the duration of the tournament.

The summer season is also driving various products, services and publicity stunts from brands in fashion, alcohol, the environment and food. Like ButterflyCanon's 2014 Chandon Summer Bottle, products are taking on playful, care-free, limited-edition characteristics to celebrate the weather.

One of the most noteworthy July 2014 marketing trends is the flip flop vending machine from Old Navy. Taking advantage of the iconic summer fashion item, Old Navy is giving out free sandals in exchange for Tweets.

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