This 3M Pet Hair Roller Campaign is Funny and Smart

 - Jun 22, 2014
References: 3m &
Making an ad memorable is the most important thing, so when 3M decided to go with this awesome lint and pet hair roller campaign, it was a definite winner.

Anything with little furry animals that people find adorable is usually a hit, but when it’s this creative and this smart, it’s not the animals that make it so popular -- it’s the thought process behind it. Contorting animals to make a point, Vancouver-based Regional Creative Director of MTB Joseph Cheong shows the audience the best way to remove pet fur effectively is to use the pet itself!

Some might find the hilarious pet hair roller campaign mean—with the cute animals being distorted and all—but I honestly think it’s brilliant. Using the simplest and most direct idea always turns out to be the most effective.