Evdefitness' Fitness Workout Advertisements Stars Cats Who Are Sweating It Out

 - Jun 8, 2014
References: Evdefitness & coloribus
Since cats seem to rule a good part of the Internet, working them into advertisements is a surefire way to capture people's attention, no matter what the product seems to be—in this case, it's a fitness workout advertisement for Evdefitness.

The ads promote Evdefitness' fun and fast workout routines, which can be done at home. If you don't have a totally lazy pet cat, as these ads suggest, maybe even your kitty will get in on the action and join you in working up a sweat. The ads are cute, silly and full of witty quips comparing the agility of cats to a fitness level you might be able to attain someday, which is a funny way to show just how fun at-home workouts can be.