These Fabien Verriest Fashions Embrace Artful Forms

Fabien Verriest’s debut collection of menswear defies convention and embraces artful constructions. The designer’s creations are reflective of his inspirations that vary from cubist art works to heritage-themed Geisha silhouettes.

Whether experimenting with complex draping accents or creating wearable versions of cubist art works, the designer showcases his immense talent for construction.

Fabien Verriest is a fashion student from La Cambre, Brussels and is proving to rival seasoned professionals when it comes to his creativity and garment execution. Despite of his young age, the designer showcases a strong sense of personal style and evokes a maturity that is beyond his years.

Pleated skirts, fabric-layered coats and fragmented constructions are some of the collection’s show-stoppers. Marrying conceptual aesthetics with wearable silhouettes, the designer creates pieces of wearable art that are featured in a lookbook by photographer Gretar Ingi Gunnlaugsson.