- Mar 6, 2015
These minimalist fashion editorials range from pastel menswear shoots to lookbooks with a utilitarian flair. Minimalism relies on understated and subtle details and makes a quiet but powerful statement. In the case of these minimalist fashion editorials, clean silhouettes, monochromatic tones and makeup-free models are just some of the ways that designers and photographers are expressing a toned down aesthetic.

Standouts from this list include lookbooks and photo features that are clean-cut and sharply dressed. Whether highlighting athletic or conceptual clothing, these minimalist fashion editorials draw inspiration from pop culture sources like modern art, architecture and even sci-fi cinema.

From the nostalgic to the futuristic, these examples are all about finding beauty in simplicity and prove that less is often more when making a strong visual impact.

From Understated Pastel Shoots to Utilitarian Sportswear Catalogs: