The Historian Elyssa Dimant Minimalism & Fashion Book is a Great Read

While the minimalism trend in the fashion world today seems to have been pioneered by legendary designers like Calvin Klein, Pheobe Philo of Celine and Jil Sander, the Elyssa Dimant Minimalism and Fashion book demonstrates that minimalism can be traced back to the 60s when it was introduced by André Courreges, Rudi Gernreich and Paco Rabanne.

Dimant is a fashion historian and a former research associate at the Costume Institute the Metropolitan Museum of Art who explores the story behind minimalism in the fashion world and how it came to be the mega-trend that it is now.

"In many ways, minimalism transitioned from a 1960s high art movement to a persisting presence in contemporary artistic vernacular due to its appropriation within the field of fashion, and to the many fashion designers who have equated reduction and abstraction with beauty and progress," says Dimant.

With Dimant's thorough research and eloquent writing style, the Elyssa Dimant Minimalism and Fashion book is a definite must-read.