The Nisa Hospital Cardiology Campaign Focuses on Unhealthy Lifestyles

 - Jun 18, 2014
References: mccann & adeevee
Many people remain unaware of the disastrous effects being sedentary, smoking cigarettes and eating fast food can have on their lives; the Nisa Hospital Cardiology ad campaign hopes to bring awareness to it by comparing such bad habits to natural disasters and even manmade ones. Armchairs form a mushroom explosion while cigarettes takes the shape of a crashing airplane and hamburgers become a big tidal wave.

The Nisa Hospital Cardiology ad campaign was conceived and executed by Mccann Erickson, an ad agency based in Madrid, Spain. It was art directed by Rafael Quilez with creative direction by Jon Lavín, Raquel Martínez and Mónica Moro. The devastatingly surreal images were created by Illusiorium. Impactful in an imaginative way, it forces people to acknowledge how their lifestyle can have catastrophic affects on their health.