Bernat Capellades Designed These Recycled Coat Hanger Lighting Fixtures

 - Jan 18, 2014
Designer Bernat Capellades is behind this modern and chic coat hanger lighting fixture. What’s great about this design is that it takes a sort of boring everyday object and repurposes it in an interesting way. Capellades’ funky wooden lampshades put hangers proudly on display, which is definitely intriguing.

This striking design is eco-friendly, as it reuses unwanted wooden hangers and transforms them into something brilliant and new. Coat hanger fixtures will likely have viewers wondering what other ordinary items could be turned into striking new pieces of home decor.

Capellades calls this coat hanger collection ‘Penja-llums.’ These wooden hanger lighting fixtures would be a great addition to any modern home. This quirky collection of lampshades is charming and environmentally friendly.