28.280 by Omer Arbel Cascades Down Over 30 Meters

 - May 6, 2014
References: vam.ac.uk & mymodernmet
28.280 by Omer Arbel, a designer based in Vancouver, Canada, is a massively impressive chandelier both in scale and concept. Created for the 11th annual London Deign Festival, it cascades down more than 30 meters in the main entranceway of the Victoria and Albert Museum (also known simply as the V&A). Hung from the highest point of the building, it spans the full height of the museum.

Although the name of the chandelier might seem strange at first, it refers to the specific construction of the installation. 28.280 by Omer Arbel is made up of 280 individual 28 Series glass pendant lamps that were handmade at a Bocci glass factory in Canada using a unique fabrication process developed by the designer himself.