A Moving Luminecent Art Installation Designed by Tetro

 - Dec 21, 2013
References: designboom
These kinetic light installations were designed by 'Tetro' with interactive lighting features. This monumental light show titled 'Grid' forms suspended figures from above the ceiling. The colorful atributes of the lighting depict geometric triangle shapes that are vibrantly lit. The actual design was composed by Christopher Bauder Berliner who is the founder of 'Whitevoid' along with Robert Henke.

These designers focuses on developing floating triangles that move up and down to ambient audio tunes playing in the background. This fully interactive multimedia assemblage enables the viewer to experience audio and visual lighting art that is out of this world. The vibrant and colorful lights set the mood as each triangle shape moves and dangles across the dark ceiling. These kinetic light installations are an interesting concept of how light and sound sync together.

Photo Credits: designboom