The Workstead Industrial Chandelier Has Three Arms for Open Arrangement

The Workstead Industrial Chandelier certainly celebrates its classification as a pendant lamp. This light fixture descends quite a distance from the ceiling with a drop of between 36 inches and 62 inches at its maximum extension.

It is a structure of tubular metal components that makes up this lamp: the mounted one is angled vertically and the others extend horizontally with it as its anchor. The method of fastening these parts together relies on clamp-like contraptions that enable you to move the three arms up and down as well as outwards and inwards. You can even branch a limb off of another.

The Workstead Industrial Chandelier is finished with black paint and tipped with its gold-accented lightbulbs. This gives it a utilitarian aesthetic that has freeform flair. It would best suit contemporary interiors with nice high ceilings.