The Stormy Sky Shade Decorates Living Spaces with a Storm Pattern

 - Jul 3, 2013
References: mineheartstore & lostateminor
Sometimes living in an urban environment makes city-dwellers yearn for nature, even with its unpredictability; this Stormy Sky Shade, featuring a beautiful storm pattern on its surface, allows urban livers to experience nature in the comfort of their own homes.

Designed by Young & Battaglia, the Stormy Sky Shade is simply a lampshade that covers a hanging lamp, and displays a high-definition photograph of a stormy sky on its surface. In this way, the Stormy Sky Shade gives the illusion of a little piece of the sky having fallen in to a regular living room.

With this unique lampshade, nature lovers can look to the sky that might otherwise be blocked out with city lights, or marred by soaring planes and blinking satellites. In addition to this relationship with nature, storms are known to produce a sense of calm and relaxation. After looking at the Stormy Sky Shade, it's clear that this is no urban legend. Indeed, the storm-patterned lampshade brings both a storm and a sense of calm into normal living spaces, simultaneously decorating dull areas and bringing peace into the owner's home.