'FRED' Aims to Be the World's First 100% Sustainable Lamp

 - Oct 12, 2015
References: kickstarter
These eco lamps have an interesting Kickstarter campaign that invites supporters to back the lights in order to make it the world's first 100% sustainable lamp. With the slogan, "The more you back FRED the greener he gets," the designers successfully anthropomorphize the lamp and encourage people to support eco-friendly design.

'FRED' has a visually interesting structure, with a corrugated design that originally used MDF and recycled components. The next step with funding, is to make FRED with ECOR -- a material created from pressing cellulose fibers of wood, paper and grasses together. With even more funding, the halogens will be replaced and eventually, he will develop into a 100% recycled line of eco lamps.