From Sun-Reflecting Illuminators to Intelligent Urban Lamps

 - Apr 18, 2016
These sustainable lighting innovations range from sun-reflecting illuminators to intelligent urban lamps that are designed with environmental responsibility in mind. When examining outdoor lighting solutions, standouts include solar and salt water-powered lanterns along with LED mosquito traps that are designed to rid patios of unwanted pests. These products are not only portable but boast dual-purpose designs that increase energy efficiency.

When looking at indoor lighting, candle-powered lamps, self-cooling smart bulbs and device-charging desk lamps are popular solutions that are both eco-friendly and practical. While examples like HJC Design's 'Duality' lamp merge aesthetics with sustainability -- allowing users to customize a lighting experience that is unique to their needs -- more elaborate examples like Solmove's solar road panels hope to generate renewable energy when embedded on highways and pavements. The German startup's patented technology works to generate energy with the help of passing cars and uses this power to light up street lights and electric traffic signs.