The SOLSUN Project Introduces Smart Street Lights to Power a City

 - Oct 16, 2015
References: btplc & fiercetelecom
BT and Enlight are currently collaborating on a project known as the Sustainable Outdoor Lighting and Sensory Urban Network, or SOLSUN, which will set the framework for a smart city network. As BT's project leader Paul Putland describes: "We’ve seen how intelligent networks installed on lampposts can support smart lighting projects, but what if that network could then be re-used to run other smart applications and services?"

The SOLSUN project is being approached from a perspective that's cost-effective and sustainable, aiming to make it easier for cities to run services more efficiently thanks to smart technology. As well as streamlining city services, it's expected that SOLSUN will be able to save energy and reduce carbon.

Trials for the smart city network will begin in January 2016 at Milton Keynes before the project is fully introduced in Budapest the following year.