The 'Lucy' Sunlight Bender is an Eco-Friendly Lamp Replacement

 - Dec 8, 2015
References: preorderlucy & manofmany
Whether because of an office job or awkwardly placed windows, the average consumer might be concerned that they aren't getting enough healthy sun exposure, so the 'Lucy' Sunlight Bender is here as an eco-friendly lamp replacement that requires no electricity.

While other sunlight lamps utilize bulbs to mimic the sun's rays, the 'Lucy' Sunlight Bender is a lamp replacement that simply captures and redirects sunlight to keep rooms bright throughout the day.

Because the 'Lucy' Sunlight Bender is exposed to sunlight all day, it doesn't require electricity, as it is powered by the very sunlight it captures and reflects.

The 'Lucy' Sunlight Bender lamp replacement will follow the sun from dawn till dusk to reflect sunlight and automatically power down during the night.