These Branch Stools Feature the Beautiful and Once-Desired Y-Shaped Boughs

 - Jan 6, 2014
References: schindlersalmeron & mocoloco
It's easy to appreciate the lovely organic look of the Branch Stools, featuring bases made from the forking sections of separating boughs. Bereuter and schindlersalmerón collaborated on these charming seating objects, succeeding to remind people of the natural beauty of this type of wood.

There's a wonderful innate strength to these Y-shaped structures that used to be in demand in several timber-consuming industries. More recently, manufacturers have largely come to appreciate the versatility of straight-cut lumber, leaving tree branches like these without as much of a purpose.

The Branch Stools comprise round CNC-milled MDF panels, powder-coated for a white finish. They stand upon slices of the twisted and knotted arboreal limbs for, giving them color, textural and formal intrigue so that they serve as practical sculptures.