The Ultra-Modern Hunting Lines Sofa Embodies Meandering Contours

 - Feb 14, 2014
Few rooms in the home tend to be symmetrical, so why don't more furnishings embody the unbalanced quality that the Hunting Lines Sofa does. This idiosyncratic chesterfield is so unlike the usual uniform seating system, bringing more dynamism to interior spaces and inviting you to settle into it with more natural postures.

Since few people sit down on a couch in a perfectly upright and aligned position, Daniel Becker's sculptural seat is so much more conducive to a comfortable recline. The piece of furniture takes an L shape with backrests beginning in one corner, encouraging you to lie sideways along its length. The Hunting Lines Sofa's striking asymmetry is aesthetically emphasized with S-curved trimming in yellow fabric around the undulating contours of the wood and metal frame.