Geta Sofa Incorporates Boxy Components to Combine Comfort with Storage

 - Jan 22, 2014
The designer of the Geta Sofa understands that when you provide a cozy place to sit, the user will quite likely come along with a book, a gadget or a snack with which to snuggle up. For this reason, the seating system was created to incorporate a storage compartment that may also serve as a side table.

Arik Levy's piece for Modus Furniture is a sectional that can comfortably accommodate three people. It sits upon a stable base of wood or metal as an elevated platform with three low supports. The generous cubby shelf can be included or excluded from the assembly of the Geta Sofa, according to the user's preference. It can be left bare and lowered to function as a coffee table, or upholstered and integrated as an armrest on one side.