Modscape Conceptualizes a Contemporary Home that Dangles Off of a Cliff

 - Sep 8, 2014
References: & neatorama
This cliff-hanging house is an adventurous concept dreamed up by Modscape, an architectural firm based near Melbourne, Australia. It was envisioned for a couple who owns a piece of land on the southwestern coast of Australia. They want a unique vacation home to be built on the striking spot and the cliff-hanging house is what was thought up.

Like something out of Tony Stark's brain, the cliff-hanging house is both contemporary and luxurious. Of course, it is not as big and grandiose as his house is portrayed in the 'Iron Man' movies. It is comprised of five levels, the fifth being the top of the cliff where the car is meant to be parked. Prefabricated modules would hang off the steel pins driven into the face of the cliff to anchor the house.