- Aug 19, 2015
Architects all over the world have been unveiling futuristic luxury home designs that effortlessly blend opulence with modernity. This collection of homes include both concept houses as well recently constructed homes.

Each of these homes reflect a unique combination of futuristic ideas while providing luxurious experiences. Many homes are futuristic in their construction, including paddlewheel homes, rotationally reformed residences and aerial web-like homes. Others feature futuristic architecture, like modern-box residences, extended atrium abodes and hovering sustainable homes.

The luxurious aspects of these homes can be uncovered by looking at where it is built, many of which are by the oceanside, highlighting the soothing effects of the waves. Others are mountainside, providing impeccable views from the comfort of a home.

Many of these residences reflect futuristic, luxurious and unorthodox designs centered on mobility and flexibility, while maximizing function and comfort.

From Cubic Mediterranean Abodes to Levitating Luxury Homes: