The Radius Transformation Pavilion Prototype Pushes Boundaries

The Radius Transformation Pavilion is as probably the most futuristic house prototype out there. Made of lightweight steel, the structure moves around its pivoting center.

Geometric in appearance, each segment of the structure varies in shape and size. The parts are affixed on rubber wheels that allow visitors to push and move around the building. In this way, the building never stays the same; it casts different shadows and transforms into different interiors. When the segments are properly aligned, the building can become fully enclosed -- suitable for a living space. This architectural design is mindful of future-forward aesthetics as well as functionality.

The Radius Transformation Pavilion is part of Jantzen's series of interactive architecture; the pivotal concept is similar to Jantzen's previous furniture design. Through this series, Jantzen hopes to explore architectural design that is not frozen in time or physical form.