Weightlessness by Eugene Tomsky is a Sculpturally Surreal Design

 - Feb 21, 2014
References: behance.net
Weightlessness by Eugene Tomsky, an industrial designer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, is a table that looks as though it were in the process of disintegrating. The legs are deceptively carved and embedded in a transparent material in order to achieve this illusion. The result is visually striking in a chic and surprisingly simplistic way.

Although full of detail, Weightlessness by Eugene Tomsky has a streamlined aesthetic that gives it a clean contemporary appeal. A concept for a design school project, the piece of furniture is not only functional, but artistic as well. It's sculptural design nevertheless does not overcome its practical purpose in any way. This allows Weightlessness by Eugene Tomsky to fit into just about any domestic or commercial space with ease. It does so in a unique way.