The Wrongwoods Night Table Seems to Have Been Extruded Out of 2D

 - Feb 7, 2014
References: mattermatters
It's fascinating that the Wrongwoods Night Table should express so many different colors and textures and yet such surface treatments seem to somehow make it flatter in appearance. This playful piece is the product of a collaboration between the artistic Richard Woods and furniture designer Sebastian Wrong. The result is something quite contemporary, though influenced by retro styles.

Manufactured by Established & Sons, the 1950s-like bedside table is composed of architectural wooden ply and stands upon four narrowing feet. Vivid pigments are then applied to the panels to resemble woodblock prints with wood grain patterns. These simplified and colorful motifs on the outside and within the storage cubby come to look pretty cartoony. The Wrongwoods Night Table would be the perfect piece for stashing old comic books among your evening reads.