These Bed Mattresses Have Creatively Been Turned into Art

 - Jul 21, 2013
References: petzel & blog.gessato
In an creative attempt to reuse discarded bed mattresses, artists Kelley Walker and Wade Guyton collected unwanted mattresses left outside for garbage pick up and turned them into canvases for beautiful works of art.

A clever way to keep unnecessary bed mattresses out of the overflowing dumpsters, Kelley Walker and Wade Guyton recycled the unwanted mattresses into pictorial masterpieces. Each mattress collected features a design made with a scanner and printer ink sprayed onto the mattress fabric. The designs were created by beginning to print one image, pausing the scanner half way through, and printing another image.

The result is a juxtaposed image with intersected fruits with geometric shapes, flowers with lines and other bizarre mash-ups.