Outfit Your Home with the Greg Papove Socks + Furniture Collection

The Greg Papove Socks + Furniture collection is the perfect way to dress up your home. The Vancouver-based designer Greg Papova was influenced by clothing (specifically socks) to create this collection. The furnishings, which consist of the Five Toes Coffee Table, the Zap Lamp and the Unity Sofa, repurpose design items to include a human interaction involved in them.

Each of Papove's comfy designs has a sock element to them. The Five Toes Coffee Table is made to be easily assembled and disassembled using common socks as press-fit fasteners. While, the cleverly titled Zap Lamp has a shag carpet attached to a floor lamp, so the user can shock the light on. The use of static electricity provides a playful interaction Finally, the Unity Sofa take a toe-covering approach, using one slipcover as a way to hide various individual chairs.

The Greg Papove Socks + Furniture collection is a cozy approach to design. Photo Credits: designboom, gregpapove.tumblr