Transform an Ordinary Wooden Box into a Practical Shelf with This Guide

 - Jan 21, 2014
Purchasing new furniture for your home can be quite the expensive task, which is why these upcycled crate shelves are offering some fun and practical ways to make some from scratch.

When it comes to keeping your home nice and organized, having shelves and bookcases simply makes storing and displaying your belongings a whole lot easier. This DIY project offers crafty homeowners the chance to make a practical piece of decor without having to break the bank. Simply requiring a few materials such as a wooden box or crate, wallpaper and a stapler, this DIY project is a great way to add some rustic style to any interior space.

An eco-friendly way to re-use something you most likely already have, these upcycled crate shelves will surely be a great cost-efficient option for decorating your home.