Millennial Tables Pair Lumber Debris with Elaborate Metal Frames

 - Jan 22, 2015
References: maximoriera &
There is a fascinating interplay of material, form and color in these composite console tables, expressing decidedly contemporary designs. Fusing the rustic with the industrial, designer Maximo Riera manages to assemble unexpectedly harmonious objects from seriously contrasting styles.

The current design enthusiast is ever engaged by unconventional combinations of materials, so the mixing of twisted tree trunks with abstract metal structures is right on point in the sculptural Millennial Collection. Using deformed debris from southern Spain's Millenarian olive trees, Riera cuts smooth upper surfaces while maintaining the obvious imperfections of the lumber. Every knot and elaborate malformation becomes a gripping organic detail. Without overshadowing nature's quirky creations, the bases of these composite consoles are kept delicate in volume, consisting of skeletal latticework that's painted in vivid colors.