Vintage Beer by Patrick Dawson Reveals That Some Beers Can be Aged

 - Mar 15, 2014
References: pdawson & uncrate
With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, Vintage Beer by Patrick Dawson, a Certified Judge with Beer Judge Certification Program, is a book that will help people impress their friends on the festive day. Of course, they might want to spew out these facts before too many beers have been downed or else what's the point. Yet considering the fact that many breweries are starting to market beers as refined as wine, this book could help that transition significantly.

While it is common knowledge that wine gets only better with age, Vintage Beer by Patrick Dawson reveals that the same can be said when it comes to certain beers. According to Uncrate, it "examines what beers are candidates for aging, how to plan and set up a beer cellar, and what to look for when tasting vintage beers."