From Caramel Espresso Martinis to Caramel-Infused Cocktails

 - Oct 20, 2015
These caramel-infused beverages showcase the versatility and compatibility of the delightfully sweet flavor. Caramel is often used to add candied flavor notes to bitter coffees or bland milks. Additionally, caramel can also make bold appearances in boozy beverages as well.

Combing alcohol with hints of sweet caramel is a great way to indulge in a confection-themed craft cocktail. There are caramel candy shooters and energizing caramel espresso martinis to satisfy a sweet tooth craving during happy hour while simultaneously energizing drinkers. When it comes to alcohol-free drinks, 'Prairie Farms' produces a salted caramel milk that is ideal for children. The milk gives children nutritional value while appealing to their sweet tooth.

During fall months, caramel flavors are an extremely popular choice and are often used to enhance traditional lattes, coffees and other warm beverages. Caramel is used in each drink to make warm beverages sweeter while balancing out competing flavors.