This Dessert Transforms a Rum and Coke Drink into an Edible Sweet

 - Oct 13, 2015
References: ohbiteit & ohbiteit
This sweets recipe transforms the aesthetic of a traditional rum and coke cocktail and turns it into an edible upside down cake. The dessert is fittingly served inside a cocktail glass to stay true to the flavors of the boozy beverage.

This cake is surprisingly easy to make and uses a pre-made box of chocolate gateau to simplify the baking and make the dessert fool-proof. The chocolate cake batter is infused with Coca Cola pop to give it a carbonated and syrupy taste. The cake is cooked inside oven-safe glasses and then topped with boxed caramel frosting, coco powder and icing sugar. To finish the dessert, a mini bottle of either dark or light rum is placed upside down into the cake so that the liquor seeps and infuses the dough.