This Drink is Twice as Strong as Traditional Artichoke Liqueur

 - Oct 9, 2015
References: campariamerica & foodbev
'Campari America' launched a new drink that is designed to be twice as potent as traditional artichoke liqueur. The original 'Cynar' recipe was developed in 1952 and derived from a mixture of herbs and artichokes. This new product is designed to mimic the taste of the original beverage, but with double the intensity and proof.

The new 'Cynar70' is made from the same herbs and plants used in the original Cynar recipe. However, the new version features double the intensity and proof of traditional artichoke liqueur. The result is a potent spirit that boasts a distinct woodsy taste. While slightly bitter, the hints of dried fruit and caramel help to balance out the different flavors.

With a higher alcohol content and a more intense flavor profile, Cynar70 is perfect for those who prefer their drinks on the stronger side.