These Ak-47 Drink Chillers Look Just Like Real Machine Gun Ammo

 - Jul 2, 2013
References: amazon
This machine gun ammo won’t kill the taste of your drinks. Unlike actual AK-47 machine gun ammo that isn’t so friendly, the AK-47 ice cube tray will get your drinks iced in a good way. If you are a gun enthusiast, this machine gun ammo in the form of ice will give you a laugh as you enjoy your favorite cocktails.

The machine gun ammo ice tray is actually a double-sided mold that produces exact replica ice cubes. The mold, when closed, also looks just like the clip from an Ak-47. The ice tray makes 10 frozen bullets that are very simple to create; simply fill the tray with water, snap it shut and put it in the freezer. The clip is specially designed to produce perfect machine gun ammo ice cubes every time.