The Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice Cube Tray is Super Nerdy

 - Jul 18, 2014
References: thinkgeek & thegadgetflow
The Companion Cube is a time-traveling object that shows up recursively throughout the gamer universe of Portal 2. Think Geek recently designed a series of sci-fi ice cube trays modeled after the iconic video game cube.

In the universe of Portal 2, the Companion Cube was given to the main character Chell to help her complete the 17th test chamber. The cube is a essentially a gray block covered with a pink heart engraving on each side. Inspired by the popular video game, Think Geek created a silicone ice cube tray that molds water into tiny frozen Companion Cubes. Video game enthusiasts can enjoy popping two or three of these icy Companion Cubes into their favorite drinks next time they sit down to play a round of Portal 2.