This Boozy Summer Drink is Made from Jell-O Stacked Inside a Lemon Wedge

 - Jul 14, 2014
References: thekitchn & thekitchn
If you're looking for a fun summer drink to try out this season, this layered lemonade Jell-O shot is a great beverage to get the party started. While it takes a bit of prep work to make, this lemonade Jell-O shot looks super festive and delicious in its lemon wedge cup.

To make these lemon wedge Jell-O shooters, begin by slicing several lemons in half and scooping out the flesh and seeds. You should be left with a circular cup-like shape that will act as the shot glass. Then make two different types of alcoholic Jell-O. Pick two contrasting flavor colors, like lemon and raspberry, so that when the gelatins are stacked, the colors really pop. Then layer the first Jell-O color half-way inside the lemon shell. Once the first Jell-O has set pour the second flavor overtop. Then slice the lemon shell into wedges and enjoy!