From Upscale Water Tastings to Cucumber Water Cocktails

 - Sep 2, 2015
Serving water has practically become an art form. No longer a beverage to be simply taken from the tap, gulped from the hose after a summer jog or flavored with colored sugary powders, water has been elevated to the level of fine whiskey or wine.

There are now certified water sommeliers to ensure that restaurants and party hosts are serving water that lives up to quality standards. There are specialized water tastings, bars and restaurants serving water menus and pop-up water boutiques and samplings, where upscale water brands introduce their superior beverages to the public.

For homebodies and makers who would prefer to sip on their fancy water from the comfort of their own homes, there are DIY rainbow water recipes and ideas on how to flavor one's own water.

In today's food and beverage culture, even serving water has become an arena for creative expression and innovation.