Aquavida Sells its Products in Compact Vending Kiosks

 - Feb 25, 2015
References: aguavidapremium & vendingtimes
Aguavida Premium Water recently introduced their consumers to water vending machines that feature the company's alkaline product. Each Aquavida vending machine filters its water using a nine step process that includes reverse osmosis and natural filtration.

During the in-depth process, the pH of Aquavida's water is increased until it reaches an alkaline level. A favorite among the health-conscious consumer, alkaline water is the latest fad for athletes and nutritionists.

Acting as a natural antioxidant, Aquavida's alkaline water product is not only healthy but is also conveniently offered through the company's water vending machines. The kiosks are located in towns across the US and make mineral-infused water available to consumers in a way that is convenient and direct.