This Hotel Offers High-Class Water Bottles Ranging from $8 to $40

 - Jul 30, 2015
References: patinagroup & foodrepublic
The Merchant Hotel in Belfast, Ireland unveiled a high-class water menu that is available for all guests staying at the hotel. The Merchant Hotel decided to enhance the average options of still and sparkling waters.

This new high-class water menu contains numerous brands of water from different locations across the globe. The most expensive water on the menu is the Iceberg still water from the Canadian Arctic Ice shelf in Newfoundland. The 750 milliliter bottle costs $41.29. Other options include the De l’Aubier Maple Sap Water from Canada that costs $24.19, the Borjomi sparkling water from Georgia costs $21.77 and the Whitehole Springs still water from the United Kingdom costs $7.73.

The menu outlines all of the nutrition and value facts, including the origin of each water. When a bottle is ordered, guests are promptly served by water butlers.