From Spicy Cucumber Tequilas to Citrusy Cucumber Smoothies

 - Sep 29, 2015
In the hot summer months, there is nothing more cooling and satisfying than a refreshing cucumber beverage.

The most basic variation of the refreshing cucumber beverage is simple sparkling water and cucumber. Even this unbelievably easy combination is a tasty, innovative alternative to plain ice water. But refreshing cucumber libations can get so much more complex, creative and exciting.

Refreshing cucumber sangria, for example, blends honeydew melon, refreshing cucumber slices and fresh mint with a white wine and sparkling water base. Another recipe for savory dill and cucumber drinks uses diced cucumber and fresh dill mixed with water, ice, honey or maple syrup and orange juice -- with variations that incorporate lemon or lime juice, sparkling water, gin or vodka.

So sip on a refreshing cucumber drink today and savor that last sweet taste of summer.