'Recovery Water' Refreshes While Reducing Muscle Damage & Fatigue

 - Aug 28, 2015
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'Recovery Water' is a new beverage created by 'Reliant' that is aiming to bring a new level of hydration to the thirst-quenching industry.

Without altering the naturally fresh taste of water, all that is added to the original are nano-structures that are proven to speed up cell recovery. The flavored versions are 'essence of fresh peach' or 'essence of cucumber and mint,' neither of which have any sugar or artificial flavors added.

This beverage's health benefits decrease muscle soreness and fatigue. Studies showed that those who integrated the hydrating drink into their active regimens experienced less muscle damage and 20% less muscle fatigue. Adding a more natural choice to the sports drink industry, Recovery Water is great for recovering after a workout or simply staying hydrated throughout the day.