This Sriracha Hot Sauce is Transformed from a Liquid to a Solid Candy

 - Mar 12, 2016
References: youtube & foodiggity
YouTube user Fluff Berry Puff experiments with the texture of Sriracha hot sauce by turning it into an edible gummy. The gummy is designed to look just like the bottle and retain its shape thanks to the addition of gelatine into the condiment that causes the sauce to turn solid.

The edible Sriracha sauce gummy is able to retain its bottle shape by adding gelatine and water to the hot sauce and boiling the mixture. The liquid is then poured back into the bottle where it solidifies in the shape of the container that can be cut away. An edible label is added to complete the realism.

Foodies often seek ways to transform the shape and textures of their favorite foods as a way to express their dedication to trying variants of the product.