Aufschnitt Berlin is an Art Project Featuring Meat-Shaped Pillows

 - Mar 10, 2016
Aufschnitt Berlin is a unique art project in the form of a textile butchery. The concept retail space is located on Boxhagener Street in Berlin-Friedrichshain and is likely to cause passersby to do a double-take. Decorated with many of the fixtures of a traditional butcher shop, Aufschnitt Berlin opted to remove the glass conventionally seen in such displays so that shoppers can reach in and grab a plush stuffed animal for themselves.

Filled with meat-shaped pillows, home decor items and lifestyle accessories, Aufschnitt Berlin was completely conceived and organized by owner Silvia Wald. With a background in clothing engineering and a passion for textiles, Wald produces each of the items in the store, while each is also available for purchase.