Chococo's Dark and Milk Chocolate Eggs are Filled with Surprises Inside

 - Mar 22, 2016
References: chococo
When buying dark and milk chocolate eggs or Easter bunnies for the holiday, most consumers expect to find either a treat that's hollow or solid inside. To add variety to the assortment of Easter egg treats on the market, Chococo created a series of fun-filled chocolates.

Chococo's festive Easter lineup includes a series of eggs that can be cracked open to reveal chocolate robots, butterflies and even dinosaurs. In order to reflect the theme of what's inside each of these treats, the outer shell of the egg gives away a few hints. For instance, the 'C181 Robot Studded Egg' is brushed with edible silver shimmer, while the 'Dinosaur Studded Egg' features a marbled outer layer of dark and white chocolate.