This Stuffed Cauliflower Recipe Follows a Purim Tradition

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: haaretz
Those who observe Purim with find this Stuffed Cauliflower Recipe to be the perfect way to honor the holiday in a traditional manner. Being that one of the traditional culinary practices for Purim is to consume stuffed foods, this recipe is a great way to do so that's satisfying and filling.

Starting with a whole cauliflower, the vegetable is boiled and softened to be ready for stuffing. Combining ground beef, onions, garlic and a series of spices, the filling for the Stuffed Cauliflower Recipe is prepared and then mixed into the vegetable. From here, the whole finished recipe is baked to crispy perfection. The light yet filling dish combines a number of ingredients that are great for the cold weather yet not too heavy.